Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Song of Joan of Arc

The Song of Joan of Arc is an epic poem written and finished on July 31, 1429, by Christine de Pisan who was a highly regarded poet who lived in France during the same time as Joan of Arc.  This poem was written and finished shortly after Charles VII was crowned King so it provides a unique view on the momentous events brought about by Joan of Arc during this period of history.  Below is a stanza from the poem describing the coronation of Charles VII: 
"Now let us welcome our King!
Rejoice at his return from his fall,
overjoyed at the site of his splendor.
Let us all both great and small
step forward to greet him-no one
hold back-salute him with joyful face.
Praising God who has been so kind
let shouts of "Noel!" fill the place."

The poem is full of praise toward Joan reflecting the national sentiment at the time after Joan won her great military victories and crowned Charles VII King of France:

"And blessed Maid, are you to be forgotten?
For God has honored you so much using you
against the rope binding France so tightly
which you untied in your debut.
Could our praise ever be enough
for one that we so greatly adore. 
You brought peace to our land,
so greatly ravaged by war"

The full English translation of this famous poem is available online at MaidOfHeaven.com at:
Since today is the anniversary of the completion of this poem it is a good time to read it though to better understand how great a impact Joan of Arc had upon France and world history.

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