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Ben D. Kennedy is known as the "Poet of Freedom" for his beautiful and thought-provoking poems at PoliticalPoet.com where he is the Poet Laureate and where he has written extensively about life in America through his beautiful poems like: A Place Known as America, Duty Honor Country, and Rebel Yell! Ben is also the author of two books. Why Is America So FAT? is a critically acclaimed book that exposes the fraud and corruption in the health care system. Maid of Heaven: The Story of Saint Joan of Arc is a best selling biography about Saint Joan of Arc. For more about Ben visit the author pages at Why is America so Fat? or MaidOfHeaven.com

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  1. Ben: Love your blog, I cannot wait to get your book... I have just "discovered" Jehanne Darc- and am as possessed as you by her. I am an artist/ blogger and am working up to a major work about her... I am learning it may take several to do her justice!

    With your permission, I would love to get your thoughts on "my Joan"- and I would send you some of my digital sketches, to get your critique... And do not worry, I am a veteran illustrator, and criticism is how I learn and do my best.

    Also, you can learn about me and see what I have so far at my blog... (of course!) russellcushman.blogspot.com

    My email is rcush403@aol.com