Friday, June 26, 2015

Saint Joan of Arc is Crying for America!

If you look closely at the face of St. Joan of Arc in the statue above with the American flag you can see tears streaming down from her eye.  How appropriate considering the momentous events that have taken place with the federal government of the United States of America sending a clear message that it has chosen to be the enemy of God.  I have no doubt that St. Joan, along with the rest of God's Kingdom in Heaven, is indeed crying because a nation that was once "founded…on the Gospel of Jesus Christ," as Patrick Henry once proclaimed, has chosen to turn its back upon that same God who has Blessed it so greatly.  Saint Joan in particular cries for America because she knows so well from her own life the terrible price that must be paid in blood to undo the acts of a few self-serving tyrants.  St. Joan also cries because she knows that for everyone who truly loves God the enemy of God is their enemy as David wrote in Psalm 139.  Every American who loves God should therefore be crying along with St. Joan because our own government has now become our enemy.  Only God Himself can save us from such evil!