Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vote for Joan as your Favorite Saint!

If you are looking for a more Christian based alternative to the annual NCAA basketball tournament known as “March Madness” you will be happy to learn that an Episcopal minister has created a tournament featuring 32 saints that is called “Lent Madness.” This tournament is all for fun, of course, but the creator Reverend Chris Schenck hopes his tournament will provide an engaging way for people to learn more about the true heroes of the Christian faith while they vote for their favorite saint. I think it is a great idea and was pleased to see that St. Joan of Arc is included in this year’s tournament. Joan has already won in her first round match-up against Lancelot Andrewes and has advanced to the “Saintly Sixteen” round where she goes up against Mary Magdalene today. To vote for Joan just visit

Vive la St. Joan!

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