Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joan of Arc Movie

If you are looking for a good movie to watch about Joan of Arc you might try the 1948 movie “Joan of Arc” starring Ingrid Bergman. I received an email earlier today from a friend advising that this movie will be broadcast by TCM (Turner Classic Movies) this coming Sunday February 27th (Check your local schedule for exact time).
“This 1948 movie about Joan of Arc is my favorite out of all the Joan of Arc movies because it stays closest to the established history. I especially like the way they incorporated so many of Joan's most famous quotes into the script. Is it perfect, no, but then the perfect movie about Saint Joan has yet to be made and this one at least tries to stay close to the true story of Joan of Arc” from my review about this movie avialable at:
Joan of Arc Book Movie Music Reviews
You can also find more reviews on this page about most of the other movies that have been made about Joan of Arc.


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