Friday, May 28, 2010

Joan of Arc’s Memorial Day

This Sunday, May 30th marks the 579th anniversary of the death of Saint Joan of Arc It seems very appropriate to me that the anniversary of her death falls during Memorial Day Weekend this year as she was one of the greatest soldiers to ever live. As the famous Scottish author and historian Andrew Lang once wrote in comparing Joan to William Wallace “She was the bravest of the brave.”

The anniversary of the death of Saint Joan is celebrated every year by Catholics as her Feast Day which is a way to remember her life and service to God. At there is a special page about Joan’s Feast Day containing descriptions of the heroic way that she met death by people who observed her execution in Rouen on May 30th 1431. You can visit this page at:

During this Memorial Day Weekend I hope everyone will have a chance to stop and remember Saint Joan of Arc as she was perhaps God’s greatest soldier of all.

Vive la Jehanne