Saturday, May 30, 2009

Celebrate Joan of Arc's Feast Day Today

Today, May 30th, is St. Joan of Arc's Feast Day which is an official day of remembrance and celebration for Roman Catholics. You don’t have to be Catholic, however, to also celebrate the life of Saint Joan on this special day every year. Joan’s Feast Day is also the anniversary of her death when she was burned at the stake by the English on May 30, 1431. In order to remember Saint Joan and celebrate her amazing life maintains a special page about her Feast Day at:
Joan of Arc Feast Day
This year I added some statements by Church officials that were present when she died. I tried to pick those that really reflected Joan’s great faith and how well she showed her faith as she died. I was most touched by the statement of the court bailiff, Jean Massieu, that "even several of the English, were moved by this to great tears and weeping, and indeed several of these same English, recognized God's hand and made professions of faith when they saw her make so remarkable an end."
Even after all my study and all I know about St. Joan she still continues to amaze me.

Jehanne d'Arc
Born January 6, 1412
Died May 30, 1431

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